Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Unveiling

Before I unveil the new painting, here are a few pictures of the almost-bacon-scented wreath I finished last night.  It's purty.

And now, here it is.  Keep in mind that I took these photos at home, with no flash, and I couldn't be bothered to spend the extra two minutes it would have taken to put the camera on my tripod (which, by the way, is right over THERE).  So out of focus they may be, because the lack of a flash meant it was a wee bit too dark (two of the overhead lights in my kitchen do not work).

Surprise!  A rooster!  Please also note, in addition to the out-of-focus pictures, the color balance is way off.  I need to re-read the owner's manual and figure out how to tell the camera what type of light source I am working with.  The lightest bits in the painting are a bright yellow green, and the darkest bits are a deep purple.  Totally different for me, tho, eh?  I am quite pleased with myself.  I fear the reason why the painting came out as well as it did was because of the scratch-and-sniff aspect of painting in my kitchen.  I was painting while this guy's girlfriend was cooking in the oven.
Roxie was posing on her couch at work today with her piggy, and it would have been such a fabulous picture, but I dropped the lens cap in my haste to get out the camera, and it startled her into alertness.  She likes to rest her elbows on those tootsie roll pillows.

I am racing through this post because I've actually got wifi right this minute, but I'm afraid it is going to disappear - poof! - at any second.  All feedback is welcome regarding the rooster, who is 16" wide x 12" high, by the way.  His name may be "Aristocrat" because he has such a long and aristocratic face.  Haven't decided.  Derek wants to put him in the front window once he is framed.  There is a part of me that wants to keep him because I don't know if I will be able to paint another one.  Guess there's only one way to find out.

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  1. Beautiful!
    (Both the wreath and the painting)