Sunday, December 25, 2016


Kindness.  That is all.

Oh, and this:

Merry and Bright.  xo

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Things, they've been happening

Since last we spoke all hell broke loose here.  And by that I mean Roxie and I adopted a puppy.  I need to be brief because said puppy is in the other room launching herself off the furniture and I don't trust her when I can't see her.  Hell, I don't trust her when I CAN see her.  After a week of getting used to us, she has turned into nine pounds of pure sass.

She's a 4.5 month old chiweenie, and was dumped with her siblings outside a vet's office in Georgia when they were fresh.  They were saved by (of all things) a pit bull rescue group and have been with a foster mom in Pennsylvania.  Her name is Rabbit although I also call her Piglet because that's exactly what she looks like from the back.  Oh for a red and white striped sleeveless sweater, size XS.  So far Roxie isn't sure this was a good decision but I'm hopeful she will come around.

In other news, there's a new Moon Flower.  It didn't start out all that promising:

Looks exactly like mustard, with a hint of Voldemort.  If it were a different color it would look exactly like the little presents Rabbit just left me, thankfully on the pee pad.

Those pinkish bits are interference paint - I think it's violet.  Subtle and wickedly cool.  The Moon Flowers are painted on 10" x 10" cradled panels.  I love them.  There will be more.

And because I may be slightly obsessed with that flower shape, the garden of 4" x 4" flower blocks has been growing, too:

Pardon the reindeer.

It has suddenly gotten very quiet around the corner, which can only mean one thing.  Gotta grab the carpet cleaner and some paper towels.  Here's to quick and successful potty training....