Friday, February 25, 2011

Full Circle

When I was talking about the pieces I have painted using molding paste, I forgot about this one:
I call it "Star Ascending."  It is a self-portrait.  (As a side note, I even framed it myself, including building the frame, which is generally Derek's department around here.)  I made this one quite a while ago and it hangs in my bedroom.  The woman who bought my first little snowman wanted this one as well, but I said no since it is a self-portrait.

I called this post "Full Circle" because over the past few days I painted these:

The photos are total crap - maybe I will repost when the paintings are framed.

I haven't used the little circle in ages, and after painting these guys I remembered about "Star Ascending."  I can't believe I forgot about it - I see it every day.  Just goes to show how often we really look at the things we see.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Happy Anniversary

This was one year ago today.  My life has been changed for the better, in ways I never expected.

I love you poodle face.  xoxo, me.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Gotta lotta nada

I have painted a few pieces similar to the one Tracy bought and will call them "From the Heart."  No pictures yet - they will look better framed and they need a loud gold frame like the first one.  That being said, I have nothing new to report.  Except that for dinner tonight I had rotisserie chicken and dill pickles.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Three Little Birds

I have decided something.

But first, the back story.  Ages and ages ago (or at least a year, year and a half) I got in a phase where I painted all these birds.  They are based on one prototype that I still have in my sketchbook.  I think his name is Marvin.  Or Melvin.  These were called Birds With Words, because each one is carrying a fortune like a little sign.  Exhibit A follows:

This one says, "Time makes one wise.  Ask advice from someone older than you."  I have a really funny one at home about politics.  Anywho, I like the bird.  And when I am able to paint bigger pieces I plan on incorporating this guy into each one, somewhere, somehow.

This brings me to my decision.  Two days ago it became ridiculously clear that my new business venture is going to be called Three Little Birds.  Yep.  That's it.  Three Little Birds.  Why?  Three - it's a magic number.  Just ask Jack Johnson.  And not only do I get to keep my birds, but it is also the name of my favorite Bob Marley song.  And remember, old Bob is good for the soul.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


This is the amount of money I spent today furthering my art career.  I bought a bunch of el cheapo paint (and a container to hold it all) and I am giddy.  PLUS, I sold another painting yesterday, so now I can afford to buy more canvas, varnish and some GOOD paint.  Dick Blick will be hearing from me tomorrow. 

The painting I sold wasn't one I intended to sell; I didn't like the background so had it sitting in a pile of stuff on my table.  When I decided to use it for an experiment, the paper piled on top of it stuck, and left tiny bits of white on the paint.  Oops.  After my experiment, I kinda liked it but still considered it an accident so I took it to work, framed it and gave it to Roxie.  I loved it once it was framed.  But Tracy saw it at work and loved it too.  Said he needed it.  I was conflicted, but let him buy it.  I can't keep everything, right?  Look for it in tomorrow's post - the one in the loud gold frame.  Now I am trying to paint a replacement so Poodle knows I still love her.

Poodle face and I went for a run outside for the first time in about four months.  It was beautiful.  So far I am 16 down, 984 to go!  I am going to SMASH this goal.  Heh heh.  In my dreams.

$12.65.  And a run outside.  It is a good day.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Salvaged Art

Okay.  In my last post I mentioned the piece I painted but didn't like and was attempting to "fix."  Half of it is still working its way toward being a total bust.  The other half, the part I really liked, I did save.  Then I wrecked it.  Then I salvaged it.

I call it Lollipop Trees.  And I learned something very helpful in the wrecked-to-salvaged stage.  I also tore it, which is why it is salvaged rather than saved, so it will end up in my private collection (and this will make it worth WAY more when I die and someone sells it on eBay).

These next two pieces used to be one painting.  Again, when all was said and done, I wasn't happy with the end result, but I liked pieces of it.  So I saved the good parts and ended up with a dyptich.  Funny - you can't even tell there used to be another piece of the painting between these two.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I like to listen to music when I paint but I have been stuck in a rut.  Roxie now knows all the words to James Taylor (Live), and it's a 2 CD set.  I need something new.  I want to get the latest Mumford & Sons, but can't bring myself to spend the money.  Today may end up being a transition day, from JT to Bob Marley.  Old Bob is good for the soul.

No new photos yet.  Yesterday was a day of doing for others.  One of my friends from Crossfit had major surgery last week and is home recovering.  She has three young kids and her husband is an accountant.  Not a great time for momma to be down and out.  So I made the ultimate oatmeal cookies (these truly are cookie love) and a bracelet for Trina and took them to Crossfit.  That was the extent of my creative effort.

I do have a piece I painted over a week ago, but when finished I didn't like it.  Yet I didn't DISlike it enough to toss.  So I am working on a strange "fix" that may be a total bust.  Or half may be a total bust.  That remains to be seen.  I'm pretty sure I salvaged my favorite part of the painting -- the rest is becoming a learning experience.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Abstractions, Part III

Nothing for a week, and now two posts in one day.  It's a crazy world.

The first two are pretty accurate colorwise.  The third one is really red and wasabi green in real life.  I love it.  I may have to keep it.

And now for something completely different

I haven't posted in a week but that doesn't mean I have been a total slacker for a week.  Just most of a week.  We had two nights of BITTER, BITTER cold and that called for some total hibernation time.  I read a couple of books.  I ate some cookies.  And I painted a few things.  The jury is still out on these -- I like the first one; I think I like the second one; the third and fourth are ... not sure yet.  Derek likes them.  As my agent, I respect his opinion.  Other people who have seen them at work have liked them.  We'll see.

The first two are painted on 6x12 canvas, the third is a 6x8 canvas and the fourth is an 8x10 canvas panel (it will need a frame).  The fourth one is also cropped poorly.  I need a new photographer (note to self - you're fired).

Thoughts?  Opinions?