Saturday, December 19, 2015


Here's the story so far:

This is post- first vet visit and pre- toenail-ectomy.  The nail split right up the middle, then the outside half started to come off even more.  I know it was bothering her because she wasn't sleeping well.

Sad face poodle dog.

I do not know how that can be comfortable.

I turn my back for ONE minute.

Hopefully she won't try and pull this one off too.  It needs to stay wrapped up for at least a few more days and since we finally have a little snow on the ground I put a ziploc bag over the bandage, held on with a rubber band, when she goes outside.  Needless to say, she does not like that.  Probably because it's a fashion faux pas.  There is gauze under that bandage and although I had to re-wrap some of it, and she had chewed through some of it, I left it on so I wouldn't have to see the potential bloody mess that is her toe.  Momma doesn't like blood....

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Trees, festively dressed

We went to the Festival of Trees last weekend while in Killington - it's part of the Vermont Holiday Festival.  Here's a pictoral recap:

On some of them I only took a picture of the sign because the names were oh so clever.  There was a cold cut platter sitting under this tree.

Did you get that last one?


This is the garland on the Star Wars tree.  Uncooked pasta from a box of Star Wars mac and cheese. Someone went to a lot of trouble for this.  I bet there was alcohol involved.

That one is for Johan.

This tree was all about dogs with disabilities.  Note the Humane Society of Western Montana representing.

Speaking of alcohol, who would have guessed Jagermeister makes holiday ribbon?

"Caution - Work in Progress."  This tree was decorated by a business that just bought a building and is remodeling the interior.  Note the hard hat as tree topper.

Decorated with giant garlic cloves and "martini olives" by a restaurant in Killington called The Garlic.

Fortune cookie garland.  Clever.

This was my favorite.  Read the name of the tree.

**Note to self (translation - note to Derek):  show this to Dee Dee and pilfer the idea for the Bigfork Festival of Trees next year!

Best.  Wine.  Bottle.  Packaging.  Ever.

All of Santa's helpers were out on a coffee break.  Or something.

And that's it.  Gotta go because someone is sitting next to me whining about dinner as if she hasn't eaten in three years.  Gah.  We put up our tree the other day - I will take a picture tonight.  While you wait, here's poodle in one of her quieter moments (as opposed to, you know, right now):

Monday, November 23, 2015

Warm guts, cold toes

My neighbor owns a share in a hunting camp that has been in his family for an age and a half. Tradition has it that on the Friday before hunting season starts, everyone meets at the covered bridge on the road up towards camp and they pass around a bottle of brandy.  In years past it has been apricot brandy; this year it was wild cherry.  Well the other night my neighbor stopped by for a visit and he brought that bottle of brandy.  I'm now one degree of separation from being a full fledged member of the hunting camp.

And today, since I've never had apricot brandy, I went and bought a wee bottle.  On a 32 degree day, that stuff warms up the insides even when the outsides are a bit chilly.

So.  Have any of you been sitting around for over a week, bowl of popcorn in hand, waiting for the massive photo explosion I promised?  I hope not but just in case, here is part two of the Catching Up Chronicles - foliage in Vermont.  All the first pictures were taken on my road as I was driving to Hinesburg back in October:

While in Hinesburg we hiked up to the ledge by Kathy's house:

That would be Evan making his Evan face.

Even the tripod went with.

"Ze plane!  Ze plane!"

(I heard a rumor there is a remake in the works.)

Aaaaaaaand now, the obligatory Christine pictures:

That last one is a tree at the bottom of Kathy's driveway.  Sometimes nature is as twisted as we are.