Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Is it June yet?

Hey!  Where have you guys been - it's been ages!  Heh heh.  Loads of things have happened in the past month, and none of them have involved painting.  Oops.  The recap will take several blog posts, and I will start by saying I planted my flower boxes at home on Mother's Day.

Planting the flowers signifies sure-fire spring for me, although it has rained here a crap-ton and even snowed once since Mother's Day.  Chances are good it will snow again.

Poodle and I also met our new neighbor.

She was two weeks old when I took these pictures.  There are currently four baby mules down the road, each one a different color.  This is the first female.

In other news, and temporarily skipping a bunch in between, my birthday was on Monday and every year my mother-in-law sends me a copy of the "Year at a Glance for Gemini."  Here are the pertinent bits from this year:

"... what you do this year sets the tone for the next twelve years.  Step forward; trust that resources will appear to support you."

"You are capable of accomplishing miracles this year...."

"Focus on the here and now, bring order to chaos, take risks in spite of fears."

"You need to be with inspiring cohorts.  This may require a new setting.  Old comforts could keep you in victim consciousness, smother you in self-doubt.  Don't hold out for the perfect situation, better to experiment and move on if the conversations don't set your hair on fire."

Awesome.  Sounds like it will be a big year for me!  The trusting in potentially non-existing resources and taking risks in spite of fears parts are scary for me (see?  there's that fear now) but sometimes the best rewards come when you step outside of your comfort zone.  Remember, "Do, or do not.  There is no try."  So says Yoda.

Next up I will post some pictures from my vacation in Vermont.  Stay tuned.

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