Thursday, July 14, 2011

Where does the time go?

I have not been Painting on Purpose very much lately.  And suddenly I am worried I won't have enough artwork to hang in my booth at the Festival of the Arts.  Which is 23 days from today.  Considering how busy we are at work, and how many of my paintings need to be framed, and how many hours there actually are in each day, I need to get myself together right this very minute.  How?  First I need to figure out where my booth will be located on the street, which will tell me if I need to fill the backsides of the panels as well as the inside of the actual booth.  In a minute I will go outside and ask Donna.  (Note:  Frame of Reference is currently, as we speak, co-hosting a Chamber of Commerce function outside.  I am drinking wine.  If this post goes a bit wonky, now you know why.)  By the end of the weekend I will have a better handle on my framing needs.  I want to have all the details worked out as soon as possible because the rest of July and into the first week of August are going to be crazy busy.  We have a TON of work to do, we will have Last Fridays to contend with, and we are having a big artists' reception for three artists on August 5th.  Welcome to summer in Bigfork.

Oh yeah.  And then there is the matter of this little marathon I will be running in LESS THAN TWO MONTHS!  On Sunday last I did a potentially foolish thing by doubling my long run.  It was my first double-digit run since the half marathon I ran last September.  Ten miles.  Don't even ask how long it took me because I'm not telling.  My right knee called it quits at about mile 6, and my left knee was done by mile 9.  Other than that, I felt FANTASTIC afterwards.  I love that route -- start out the back door at work, around the block and up the hill to the Nature Trail, out to Highway 209 and head east, turn north at the Ferndale Fire Hall, end up at my house where I swap out my empty water bottle for a cold one in the fridge, and then back to work.  I tried sitting in an "ice" bath at Derek's house when I picked up Roxie, but that was WAY TOO DAMN COLD!  People who do that are CRAZY!  Crazy.

Anyway.  My glass is empty so I have to go.  I will have actual pictures to post tomorrow.

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