Sunday, July 17, 2011

National Ice Cream Day

My sister's birthday is today.  How fortunate to have a birthday on National Ice Cream Day.  If you like ice cream.  And birthdays.

Here is a picture of our best employee, working as hard as she always does:

Sometimes I can't decide whether to fire her or give her a raise.

And here is a picture of a painting I want to paint again, only much bigger:

WAY bigger.  That would be so cool.

Painting lessons from the other day:  dropping the palette knife right into the middle of a wet painting isn't necessarily going to give you the look you are after.  And, lesson number two, god bless glass cleaner.  Took the dark green paint right out of the very light carpet.

Number one reason for wanting a bigger place to live:  not having to worry about getting dark green paint on the very light carpet.  More space = reclamation of kitchen counter; dedicated painting area with no carpet in sight; being able to paint WAY bigger.  Number two reason for wanting a bigger place to live:  I have more artwork than wall space.  And suddenly I have acquired three new pieces.  Carol Hagan sent me a fabulous giclee as a gift, and I have two (with possibly a third on the way) original paintings that came from ... eBay.  Yep, eBay.  They are awesome.  I need more walls.

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