Friday, March 29, 2013

And ... FINALLY!

Here, at long last, are some pictures of the commission I did for my cousin Andrew.  In these pictures the paintings are hanging here in the gallery, but they currently reside behind Andrew's desk in his office in the Prudential Building in Boston.  Cool.

Okay, wait.  This first picture was taken at home.  This was the test piece, which I liked so much it ended up being one of the final three.

And here is poodle helping me decide which should go on the bottom and which should go on the top.

That last photo is the middle panel.  I have a curious fixation with Morse Code.  Luckily for me, Andrew and Stephanie were (accidentally) clever enough to name each of their four kids with a six letter word, so this panel says Andrew, Hailey, Cooper and Oliver. 

So there you go.  When I started this project I intended to do something linear because ... well, here - look at the wall where the paintings hang:

See?  The shape of the wall, the shape of the windows, the shape of the buildings in that gorgeous view.  I didn't want to compete with the view, so I of course used pretty bright and dark colors.  Doh.  After the test panel I had to make myself a cheat sheet so I would remember what paint colors I used in each layer.  I added some metaphysical time-space elements and  -- nah, just kidding.  Thanks Andrew.  This was nerve-wracking, yet fun!

Moving on to another subject, Derek had been saying for a couple of days that he was going to cut the cheese, and he finally did.  Cut the frame for the cheese, that is.

I crack myself up.

Poodle and I went for a five mile run on Monday and it was glorious outside.  Then we walked down to the river to look at our favorite view.

I asked Roxie to hold still so I could take her picture.

"Ready for your close-up?" asked momma.

"Wait!  What's that?"

"Okay.  I'm ready!"

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