Friday, February 1, 2013

Darn it!

I made a boo boo.  I had a little 7" x 5" canvas that I painted a lovely red with some swirly copper bits.  It was going to have a word on it, but I accidentally ended up with too much texture.  Which was cool.  I added a couple spots of teal, and was going to name it Fire Flowers.  The first layer of varnish went on and this is how it looked:

See all that chunky goodness?  It was my ultimate downfall.  I added the second coat of varnish and went to do something else.  Came back later and the varnish was all puddled up in between the chunkiness.  It was horrible.  You know how thick white glue looks when it is the type of glue that doesn't dry clear?  Yeah.  Instant learning experience.  The bottle of varnish says it is removable but you have to call the manufacturer to find out how.  Something to do with ammonia.  So I got out my trusty Windex and soaked the whole thing.  I ended up at the kitchen sink for about ten minutes with the Windex, a scrubby sponge and running water.  I may have salvaged it, but I'm still waiting for the wooden stretchers to dry.  It may be warped.  Darn it.

*** We interrupt this program to note that Derek is upstairs cutting a bunch of moulding and it smells like cake.  A boxed cake mix.  Weirdness.  ***

Here is the piece I was afraid of ruining - the one with the cool background.

I added this one to my Etsy store today.  Maybe it will sell.

That is all.  Except for the sleepy poodle.

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