Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tuesdays with Mory

Well.  After this week I was pretty sure my potential superhero status needed to be revoked.  No exercise since last Monday, and I can’t seem to kick my sugar habit this month.  Thank you very much, Hallmark, I do not like you.  Poodle and I woke up on Sunday to find snow coming down in buckets.  No running for us, but we did walk two miles.  Then I ate a bunch of crap and went to bed feeling like an utter failure.  So Monday, when we woke up to blazing sunshine, I convinced myself it was time for redemption.  From what I could see out my window, it looked like the road was clear again.  On went the tights, wool socks, running shoes, turtleneck, tshirt, fleece pullover, fleece hat, sunglasses and mitties.  On went poodle’s lightest coat.  Out the door we went.  My view of the road was a bit deceptive as that was practically the only spot where it was clear.   I ran through a lot of mush and over lots of slick spots.  In fact, at one point as we were going around a blind corner I hit total ice and got very little traction.  I thought for sure we invented a new sport that I was going to call dogjoring, but apparently skijoring works with either dogs or horses.  You can read about it here.  Anyway our goal was 4 miles if all my bits and pieces cooperated and because it was such a fabulous day, we ended up getting 5 miles.  We are rock stars.  My knees didn’t start to hurt until a couple of hours later.  You know how you carry your body differently when you are walking on ice and are afraid you are going to wipe out?  All that extra tension?  Yeah, that.  Enough said.  I may have to break down and roll out my shins on a lacrosse ball.  If that sounds painful … it is.

Here are a couple of pictures I took last Sunday.  This is what it looked like yesterday, too.  I think I got a bit of a sunburn.  I also have a 12 second video of nothing at all, but I can’t figure out how to shrink it so I can load it on here.

Flying poodle!

Roxie totally cut that little pad on the bottom of her front left foot the other day while running through the woods with Bones.  I tried to tell her she was benched for a few days, and luckily Bones was out of town Sunday and most of Monday.  It was looking better, then Bones got home and away they went.  *sigh*  Kids these days.  I wrapped it up last night and she was being very protective of her footie.  Good thing there wasn’t a bloodbath because Momma would have passed out on the floor.

 I didn’t paint much last week.  I didn’t really feel like it, and then on Friday I found out my dad was diagnosed with a brain tumor (yes, you read that right - he named it Mory) and I spent the weekend thinking about life and priorities.   Everybody on the planet knows I want to move back to Vermont, and I am done sitting around waiting for someone else to make that happen for me.  Time to be proactive.  Time to rearrange my priorities.  Time to get where I want to go.  I still need someone to come buy our house and our commercial building, but I can get ready in the meantime.  I can start to swim instead of just treading water, you know?

Decision made, then I painted.

Yummy dark umber paint that looks like a gooey brownie.  Awesome.

The rooster canvas was originally going to be a word painting that said BACON.  I loved the sides of the canvas, but the front looked pretty yuck.  So I bagged the bacon, repainted the front, it dried all crackly and cool, then came the rooster.  Were it not for the fact that he is a boy, I almost have bacon and eggs here!  HA!

The end.

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