Friday, October 5, 2012

Once more, with feeling!

Since this painting is kinda like the "same old, same old" I was going to wait and post it when it has a frame.  But I'm tired of seeing my face as the first image on my blog, so I'm putting something else up here, STAT!

This one is a little different, in that the others are 5" wide x 7" high, and this is 6" wide x 12" high.  So I'm branching out.  Sort of.  No pun intended.

My Blick paint and stuff got here yesterday (barely - there was only ONE - literally - piece of packing tape holding the entire 20+ pound box together) and I forgot to order more 5" x 5" canvases.  Poo.  I got some good paint, though, and now I am outgrowing my art supply closet.  I might have to find another place to keep my winter coats.  Or my dishes.

Oh, hey.  I painted another tree piece on paper, but I'm not sure if it will make the cut.  I like its bits and pieces, but I'm not sure if I like it as a whole.  Actually, I KNOW I didn't like it as a whole, because I ripped about a third of it off and chucked it.  The remainder -- intriguing.  I think.  Maybe.

Today is my unniversary.  And today would have been Nonno's 100th birthday.  Crazy how time flies.

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