Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring has sprung

According to the calendar it is officially spring.  I'm sure this is why it has been snowing and windy for the past two days.  As a friend of mine wrote on facebook, "Spring weather sucks....  I miss the warm sunny days of winter!!"

Ever since my accident, reported in the post below, I haven't been able to paint.  That sounds high-drama, if you haven't read the post below!  I spilled some paint, turned it into a weird painting, and somehow it sucked the creative life out of me.  Temporarily.  I tried a little something last night -- we'll see how it turns out.

Since I have nothing new to share, here are a couple of old things.  REALLY old.

His body parts appear to be cut out from wallpaper.  This is from fifth grade.

And apparently I have been channeling my inner Jackson Pollack since the sixth grade!

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