Saturday, March 10, 2012

Baring it all

I tried to paint some more flowers last night and it was going really well right up until I ruined everything.  So I repurposed the canvas panel, then ruined it again.  This one is going in the trash when I get home.  Ergo, after some consideration, I have decided to share all the so-so paintings I mentioned a couple posts ago.  These are all infinitely better than what I produced last night!  First up is the piece inspired by a painting I found on Etsy.

I haven't varnished this one yet because I haven't decided if it is a keeper as is.  There are many things I like about it, but I'm not sure I like it as a whole.

Second up is the original draft for my clock.  I don't know what happened here, but the original idea was based on a compass.  I was going to paint the background, then paint a compass rose in the middle.  The 12 was going to be North, the 6 was going to be South, etc.  I thought it was a very clever idea, but it got lost somewhere in translation and after mucking around for a while I ended up with a cool mingling of color and texture.  I call it "Wing and a Prayer" because it reminds me of a dragonfly wing.

The first picture is the entire painting.  It is painted on a piece of very rigid foam-centered board so now it goes in the "this needs a frame" pile.

What else.  Oh yeah - here is the alternate painting I offered to Megan for the Take Back the Night Auction.  She chose the original piece, so this is now on my Etsy store.

I like this one standing vertically, too.  I named it "Ruby Red."  Maybe because I just spent a week with a dog named Ruby.  Hey - I just realized - the dog's name is actually Ruby Rose.  I should rename the painting.  HA!

We are springing forward tomorrow and if the weather is any indication, we are springing right in to summer.  It could have been a shorts-and-flip-flops day today.  I bet the six more weeks of winter that Phil promised us will arrive mid-April.  Can't wait.

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