Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sometimes a kitchen is just a kitchen

Tonight my studio is going to be a kitchen.  Just a kitchen.  Derek and I are putting together dinner for about 10 people for Friday night, and I am on soup and dessert duty.  Our friend Deliah still has a house full of people here; it was Deliah's husband who was killed in an avalanche last week.  It sounds like she has a great support system right now of people taking care of her, and the least we can do is feed them.

I still find myself thinking about mortality and the struggle between mourning and counting your blessings.  Another very good friend lost her brother last week; he had bladder cancer but nobody in his family knew he was ill.  Another tragedy.  Lots of conversations about life cut short, and how it affects those left behind.  But mourning a loss and rejoicing in good fortune doesn't have to be a balancing act, and I am working at tipping the scales in favor of happier thoughts.  Goodness and light.  Sunshine and lollipops.  Broccoli soup and oatmeal cookies.

I am starting a new series of paintings -- one is almost done.  I shall say no more about it.

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