Saturday, January 7, 2012

Non. Stop. People.

Work has been very busy today.  Roxie has had SO many people come in to play with her, she is now napping on the couch.  I had been hoping to come in an hour late today, but at 9:30 Derek called and said he was puking and was going home.  So Roxie and I jumped into the shower and threw on some clothes.  I had people here from 10:20 this morning until 1:45 this afternoon.  Non-stop.  Sometimes a dozen at a time.  Craziness.  The best part about it is the day has flown by.  The second best part?  I think someone is going to buy one of my paintings.  And you will never guess which one.

No really, you will never guess.

Want a hint?

It is brand new and the title has Peanut Butter in it.

Heh heh.

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