Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Inch by inch....

So I haven't been painting much lately, until last night.  Now there are three new pieces in the works - a new Valentine, some flowers and a new WOOF.  I need to clean up my kitchen so I have more room to maneuver; the top of my toaster oven was kinda crowded last night and my counter space is currently non-existent.

Here is the most recent piece I finished.  I called it "Plum Lovely."

This is the latest in my "not all Valentines have to be red" campaign.  Pink!  Purple!  Woo hoo!  Groovy.

Here is an older piece I found at home yesterday.  I like it, so am going to frame it and list it on my Etsy store.  It is called, as of moments ago, "First Snow."

At the time - two or three years ago? - this might have been my biggest painting (12" wide x 9" high).  It is certainly the biggest painting I have done with molding paste.  Sorta funny looking, but I like it anyway.  The colors in real life are not as bright as they are in the pictures.

In some of the time I otherwise would have been using to paint (but chose not to because my studio/kitchen was a mess) I practiced my ukulele last weekend.  (That was a real beauty of a sentence.)  Just as I was muttering to myself that I will never get the hang of the whole changing chords nonsense, suddenly it wasn't as difficult and I made some decent progress with The Garden Song.  Once I master that one, I will move on to my signature song.  You know the one.  Three Little Birds.

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