Friday, February 25, 2011

Full Circle

When I was talking about the pieces I have painted using molding paste, I forgot about this one:
I call it "Star Ascending."  It is a self-portrait.  (As a side note, I even framed it myself, including building the frame, which is generally Derek's department around here.)  I made this one quite a while ago and it hangs in my bedroom.  The woman who bought my first little snowman wanted this one as well, but I said no since it is a self-portrait.

I called this post "Full Circle" because over the past few days I painted these:

The photos are total crap - maybe I will repost when the paintings are framed.

I haven't used the little circle in ages, and after painting these guys I remembered about "Star Ascending."  I can't believe I forgot about it - I see it every day.  Just goes to show how often we really look at the things we see.

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