Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Some of my faves

Here are six of my favorite paintings that I have decided to keep until the end of time.  There are more - in fact, in a small moment of cleaning frenzy at work on Saturday I collected up all the unframed paintings I had at work and there were billions - but these in particular have special meaning for me.

First up is one of the first things I painted when I switched from oil pastels to acrylics.  There are two of these, and I think they are at least eight years old.  I'm pretty sure this guy has made an appearance on my blog already.  I pilfered the image from a postcard advertising a show somewhere at Shelburne Farms.

This next one is from the same era as the scarecrow.  I discovered molding paste, and in my first few attempts I used a very light hand.  Later on I really dug in; my favorite tool to apply molding paste is the plastic scraper that came with my mini food processor.  I've had people here in the gallery look at my Valentines and suggest it would be a great project for kids.  Sure, people, and by the way that stuff is toxic.  But this is an abstract landscape and for some reason the colors and the wee bit of texture appeal to me.

The next one, with a blue flower on a brown background, is so simple but again - it moves me.  Perhaps because I am simple as well.  Meditative.  Zen.

Fave fave fave.  For additional inexplicable reasons, this is one of my faves.

Next up is East.  As I mentioned previously, I have this piece hanging so the arrow points east.  The frame is more impressive than the painting, but put together they are pretty cool.  This is one of the very few paintings I've ever done - also from the scarecrow era, I think - that has a beeswax finish rather than a high-gloss varnish.  Love the look, but that stuff is stinky!

Last but not least, here is my signature piece.

Get it?  Signature piece?  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  Dang, I'm funny.

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