Saturday, February 9, 2013

Snow days

So it appears Phil's prediction was only true for part of the country.  Here in western Montana, we have hardly any snow on the ground and it has been warm enough for wimps like me to run outside.  My family in New England, however, will be digging out of a snowstorm for days.  The pictures they have been posting on facebook are awesome!  Remember when we were kids and winter had so much snow you could actually tunnel through it and build forts and stuff?  It's like that.  Cool.  Poodle would love it.

But back to Montana.  I'm hoping it stays just warm and sunny enough to run outside again tomorrow.  Gotta let my knees know who's boss.  Oh, and I restarted my 21 days today.  I hardly ate any chocolate at the thingy last night, but I did have two glasses of bubbly.  So of course I went directly from that event to the grocery store, where I bought some other chocolate, and put myself in a food coma when I got home.  I really need these next 21 days.  I'm going to be a superhero by the end of the month.

Here was my door prize when it was all dressed up.  I left the event early - I hope they remembered to give it away.

And here is a photo to show that there is a tool for every job:

That was my lunch yesterday.  No microwave at work so thank goodness for the heat gun from our shrink wrapper.

Hmm.  What else.  I've got another poodle dog painting.  I think I need to name it Stretch:

Heh heh.  And here's a sneak peek at what I've been doing when I'm not at work or reading or painting:

I have so much of this stuff hanging around at home so I've decided to open a cvbead Etsy store.  It's a ton of work, taking a zillion pictures and then trying to remember what all the stones are and writing up descriptions.  Like the necklace above - I know what the blue stones are (blue lace agate), and I think I know what the yellow ones are (butterscotch agate?) but I'm not positive.  There is nothing in my store yet - I want to have a handful of crap ready to go before I list anything.  Next week, hopefully.

Now back to work.  Derek is insisting I take down the Christmas ornaments today.  Poo.

Oh hey - P.S.  I sold GIRL POWER yesterday, and here's the funny part.  I told the customer that this is my second GIRL POWER painting and that the first one went home with a family from New Zealand.  Her eyes bugged out and she said, "But I'm taking THIS one to New Zealand!"  HAHAHAHAHA!  Internationally collected, with the same painting going to the same country TWICE!  Hope it's not going to the same girl....  I've got a little landscape in Australia, and three of my Hello Kitty flowers went to another foreign country.  Can't remember which one.  Something Asian, I think.  I am creeping out into the world.  Look out.  World domination is next on my list.

Okay, now to take down the ornaments.

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  1. What kind of M&M's are your bead bracelets displayed on? Peanut butter? Or are those bacon flavored Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans?