Friday, February 10, 2012

Two Ten Twelve

February 10th.  Today is my nephew Evan's birthday.  Roxie was going to stay up all night baking him a cake, but I was making broccoli soup and there isn't enough room in the kitchen for both of us.  There is barely enough room for one of us!  Next year, Evan, poodle will make you a cake.  And deliver it, too.

The soup is quite tasty, and will go well with Derek's chicken, salad stuff and the kefir bread we ordered from Bad Dog Bakery.  Since procrastination got the best of me, I had to get up early this morning to make the oatmeal cookies, only to discover an almost complete lack of oatmeal.  Oops.  Quick run to the grocery store before work, then home at lunch to make cookies.

There is nothing better than the smell of oatmeal cookies in the oven.  And since I am currently gluten-free, I didn't even get to lick the spoon.  Or eat any crumbs.  But that's okay, these cookies truly are the greatest thing in the world, and I am happy to bake them for someone who can use a little cookie love right now.

So today is day 10 of a 100 day Burpee Challenge.  This is how it works:  a group of us on facebook started the challenge on February 1st.  The first day, you do one burpee.  The second day, you do two burpees, the third day three, and on and on until the hundredth day (which I think is May 10th) when you do 100 burpees.  If you don't know what a burpee is, watch this quick video here.  I do mine a bit differently - coming up out of the pushup (chest hits the floor) I land in a full squat, and I end with a jump up and clap.  If you get behind it's no big deal, as long as you catch up.  I have been behind, and in my attempt to catch up I may have done day six twice.  My house, as you will remember, is quite small so I really only have one spot with enough floor space, but if Roxie is in the room she thinks we are playing a game and gets right where I need to be.  Last night I had to clear a spot in my bedroom while she was sleeping on the couch, and this morning I was in the living room when she went back to bed after her breakfast.  Sneakiness is key.

Now, here is the first of my new series:

It is called "Muhammad Ali."  The series is a word series, words associated with a specific person.  I have the next few lined up, but am looking for more inspiration.

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