Friday, January 6, 2012

How curious.

I was just thinking that I am accidentally in a green phase, and was going to name this post "Green and Green" because my two most recent paintings are both green.  Then I thought maybe I would come up with a more clever name ... something with the word green ... something to do with green beans ... something all rhyme-y.  That was too much work.  So imagine my surprise when I realized today, January 6th, is Bean Day.  There we go.  Green paintings on Bean Day.  How curious.

Anyway, this one started its life as the second of what became three attempts at a MEOW painting I wanted to send to my Uncle Tato.  I painted the background and knew immediately it was a no go.  It didn't say MEOW at all.

In real life this is not blue.  It is way green.  About four different shades of green.  In fact, it looks more like the background colors in this one:

I am trying to convince myself to go to the gym after work today.  Not sure it is going to work.  I have a very attainable mileage goal for this month, but it would help if I could drag my carcass onto a treadmill.  Walking with poodle two days per week is not going to cut it, although if the weather holds (and according to the 10-day forecast, it will) we can run outside Sunday and Monday.  In shorts.

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