Wednesday, March 18, 2020


Many, many years ago we had a painting of a pear hanging in the gallery that was about three feet wide and six or seven feet high.  It was glorious.  Another artist poo-poohed it saying that it wasn't "painterly" because it was so much larger than life, and that always bothered me.  Hogwash, I said.  Hogwash.  I haven't thought about the giant pear in ages but it popped into my head last week so I googled the definition of painterly.  Here's a screenshot from Merriam-Webster:

And here's what says:

Mmm-hmm.  I don't see anything about "larger than life rendering = not painterly."  But just to be on the safe side, I checked because surely they would know.

Just as I suspected.  Hogwash.  (Side note, I also Googled "hogwash" because that's a weird one, and click here if you are interested in word origins.)

So anywho, feeling a little vindicated I painted this:

Although at 18" x 24" it's not nearly as big as Genise's pear, I named it Painterly Pear as an homage.  And this is what happens when you have over eager helpers:

Continuity note:  the colors in the pear are the same Jo Sonja paints referenced in my last post, again with the addition of Naples yellow.  And a lot more rose gold.  StanLee approves.

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