Saturday, March 14, 2020

Jo Sonja

Remember that striped painting I did with Jo Sonja acrylics?  I originally bought about five colors in January of last year and here's the first thing I painted with them, which I posted on Instagram a couple of weeks later:

I have no idea how this happened, but I love love love it.  Mixed in with the Jo Sonja paints there is also a Naples yellow, a green gold and something like a red iron oxide.  The background had a real vintage feel so I added a few other colors that worked with that vibe.  It reminds me of something my great-aunt Peg painted back in the '60s.  Those iridescent green bits at the bottom look out of place in the picture, but in real life they work.

At 16" x 12" this is a big piece for me so I painted it three smaller friends.  The first is only 5" x 7":

The next is 10" x 8":

And the third is 8" x 8":

That last picture is particularly bad, but you get the idea.  After all was said and done, I like the first, largest one best - maybe because it was the first and it surprised the hell out of me.  But the last one has the best vintage feel - it almost looks like fabric.  There's something about those transparent colors on top of the grey-green.  The first three paintings are on canvas panels and the fourth is stretched canvas, but I just got a roll of mixed media paper and I think I will try this color palette again to see if it looks any different on paper.  I shall report back with my results.

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