Sunday, October 5, 2014

Float down like autumn leaves....

Kathy came over yesterday and we went to see "Kiss Me, Kate" in Stowe.  We were sitting in our seats, just before it started, and I leaned over and whispered, "I just realized I am still wearing the same shirt I wore yesterday and slept in last night."

Huh.  Senior moment?

The wall behind the gold couch has been temporarily accessorized.  I say temporarily because I suspect this wall will forever be a work in progress.

There are holes to patch and paint to choose, but for now it's good.  Notice how my spray-painted-in-my-new-favorite-color telephone table that I found out in the garage this summer works with my color scheme?  Clever, I am.

Also in the ever-evolving interiors department is the orange room.  Kathy brought me a keyboard that has spent the last million years living under her guest room bed.  This keyboard used to be in the church.  That was TWO million years ago.  I think it was retired when there was a fire in the church.  Dad made the boxes for it to rest on and I think he even made the cover for it, from the hyde of a wild New England Nauga.  After I took these pictures I moved my guitar and my ukulele into the orange room, which I'm now going to call the music room.

Those walls seriously need some new paint, except my wee small desk matches so nicely....

Outside the sun was shining for a good part of the day, unlike yesterday when we spent the entire day inside drawing up plans for an ark.  Yowza.  Here's another picture of the trees in my front yard.

And here's a beauty in my backyard:

These are the last of my summer flowers, holding on with everything they've got:

They even make a white plastic fence look good.  And here's the side of my house that is crying out for a deck.  That's part of Phase II, which is a project for another day.

I live at the base of Elmore Mountain, which looked like this when poodle and I were driving home from playing b-a-l-l this evening:

Lovely, even in a quickie pic on my phone.

Tomorrow, I'm serving up some long overdue Crime Rib.  Stay tuned....

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