Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Daisy Dog, Redux

Still no bears.  Still more daisies.


Poodle looks naked in that picture!

While bear hunting we also saw some HUGE dandelion puffball thingies.

That middle picture would be pretty cool if it were blown up huge.  So would the top middle picture (the back end of the daisy).  I have a picture of poodle I took with my cell phone two summers ago that I want to print huge.  It's this one:


In other news, I'm working on my secret project.  Initial paint went on last night and - surprisingly - it was still tacky this afternoon.  I figured 90+ degree heat outside would help the darn thing dry in a flash, like my laundry, which dried in about four minutes hanging outside yesterday.  It was kinda foolish to start the painting; I've got house guests arriving on Thursday and no place to store the darn thing.  Except maybe in the sauna.  Thank goodness for the sauna.

That is all.

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