Friday, November 2, 2012

Second Verse, Same as the First....

Let me start with a photograph of the cutest little trick-or-treaters ever.  I have no idea who these kids are:

Their mom kept telling them to smile and I said, "No no no!  This is perfect!"

We only had about 900 kids come through this year.  For the first time ever, we had leftover candy.  Weird.

So it was beginning to look like Christmas threw up all over my "dining room" table.

Here is the second ornament wreath I just finished.  I'm still peeling strands of hot glue off my hands, my arms, out of my hair.

Whoops - that's the "almost done" picture.  Here's the finished product, followed by a bunch of reference pictures for me (if you read my last post, you know the drill):

Hey look!  It's a wee tree!

This poor wreath looks more "wine country" than it does "Christmas" but I still like it.  My original intent was loads of dark green, some silver and just bits of purple.  Huh.  Yeah.  Oops.

And for my next trick, I'm thinking brown and red....

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  1. What? No poodle pic in this post?

    See... I am paying attention!