Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What??? It's August already???

What the heck happened to July?  Man, time really DOES go by faster when you get older.

First I need to report that I did, mostly, hit my July goals.  My running/walking total ended on a whimper (we walked a mile yesterday) but my total for the month was 123, with 84 of those as running miles.  I got my 1,000 squats, but it required banging out the last 75 before I went to bed last night.  And although I do have 10 finished paintings to my name from July, one of them is not going to make the cut and another one will spend some quality time in the "I'm not sure" pile.  The last couple of days went a little crazy.




I'm still not sure if it is a boy or a girl, but either way its name is Sweet Pea.  Or Swee' Pea, if it is a boy and named after Popeye's kid.  Which would make sense, because the first Trooper we had was spinach green and we named him Popeye.  I told Roxie she may get some minor whiplash while I re-learn how to drive a stick (with six gears, no less).  Anyway, bringing home this baby required a good five hours up in Whitefish, which I wasn't quite expecting.  I just thought I was going up to look.  Then the stars aligned, angels sang, and here we are.  I feel a bit bad because I emptied out the Trooper (he was big and fat and white and his name was Cartman), loaded up the Jeep and drove away without a backwards glance.  I didn't even say goodbye.  I think I was still in shock.  Poodle doesn't fit as well in the front seat of the Jeep because the seats are smaller - she is still finding her way.  And I can't carry around a boatload of crap anymore (thank god).  Downsizing is good.

So that was how my July ended.  I didn't get my secret goal, which was a 10-mile long run before the end of the month, but I've got that on tap for today.  All in all, though, I set three goals - hit two and smashed the third.  Not bad.  I also went the entire month Coke-free, which was an added bonus.  Woo freakin' hoo!

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