Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Working hard? Or hardly working....

This weekend I broke all the molds.  Well, two of them.  First of all, I started a painting and didn't finish it.  Normally I like to do the whole thing (unless it is a word painting) in one swell foop, because I like to see all the pretty swirly colors.  This time I painted the background and let it dry.  In the next couple of days I will finish it.  It's 50/50 whether it will turn out okay.

Second of all, I mixed a color.  Yep, I mixed a color.  For my commission piece.  I did a second, third and fourth draft, and so far we are three for three that the winner is number two.  (Heh heh - that sounds funny.)  No pictures yet, just this hint:

And just to show that I have, at times, been working, here is my evidence:

That last one I call "Still Life with Penguin."

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