Saturday, August 13, 2011

Four down....

... one to go.  Here are numbers three and four:

Feebs is 8x8 and Wanderlust (great word) is 6x18.  The background of the fifth one is painted although, as I discovered when I picked it up this morning and got paint all over my hand, it is not yet dry.  Speaking of which, I tried to take pictures of the really cool paint splatters on my hand last night but the camera in my phone was wonky and sort of ate parts of the pictures.  Total bummer -- it was very very cool.

Poodle-face survived her hoof-ectomy yesterday.  They didn't take the claw off entirely because they would have had to cauterize the nerve all the way up, so they trimmed it as much as they could and then glued the pieces together.  Ick.

(Speaking of ick, there is another ginormous spider in my bathroom.  I am willing to adopt a "live and let live" philosophy if they stay up by the ceiling.  This morning it was gone.  Hiding somewhere.  Waiting to jump out at me and yell "BOOGALA BOOGALA BOOGALA!!")

Here is our best employee, outside working on her tan:

My best girl.  I will miss her when I am on vacation.

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