Saturday, December 26, 2020

House to Home, Volume Eleven - It's Looking Radiant

There was a day last week (and by last week I mean sometime end of October) when Bryan called me from a different job site and said he was talking with Jason - the plumber, who was on that same job site - and Jason asked why we are not putting radiant heat in the garage.  The original plan was for radiant in the new foyer/laundry area/powder room - all the other spaces that will have a concrete slab floor - but a Modine heater hanging in the garage.  Turns out it would cost about the same if we bag the Modine and go with radiant, although having a heated garage floor seems terrifically decadent to me.  Right?  But Bryan said after a couple of years the Modine would start getting noisy and since my bedroom will be above the garage I would hear it kick on and off.  A heated floor makes zero noise, and my car will be VERY happy in the winter when all the snow and ice will melt off the underside while parked overnight (hence the drain in the floor).  If the price is the same, who am I to say no to that kind of luxury.  Right?  He also said something about it being more energy efficient but I stopped listening when I realized I could walk barefoot into the garage in the middle of winter.  Why I would need to I don't know, but it is now an option.

Since we are racing against the impending arrival of Old Man Winter, which screws with the schedule of the concrete guys, Jason came over to rough in the plumbing on a Saturday.  That was November 7th, and here's StanLee checking to see if there's any activity he needs to supervise at 8:30 am:

Luckily it was a beautiful day, which honestly was weird for the first week of November.  I said it before but I will say it again - considering the late start we got on this project all the additional decent weather was a total gift. 

Before any trenches were dug I was able to make a last minute change to the size of the powder room.  The door from the foyer to the garage, in front of where Bryan is standing in this picture, is about eight inches further to the right than where it is supposed to be and although that means reconfiguring a coat closet, it works out to my benefit.  The powder room now gets to be about a foot longer, and I'm going to ditch a short length of interior wall right inside the front door (part of the original coat closet) in favor of keeping the space more open.  Accidental win/win.

 Now that the cement pond right outside my kitchen door is filled in, Bryan took down the Juliet balcony and Roxie was able to walk right out into her new foyer.

I think she likes it, although if there's a pile of dirt anywhere, she will find it.

Monday the 9th Bryan and Jake the bathtub guy came over to lay down the 2" rigid foam.

Mom had a front row seat for radiant tube installation, and this is how it looked when I got home.  Note this is just about the last day I will be able to take pictures with any daylight left at 4:30pm.

I picked up an awful lot of those blue foamboard staples so I'm gonna say Jason's accuracy was not 100% (sorry, Jason) but things are looking legit.  The concrete guys know we are ready and now we cross our fingers, hoping they show up in the morning.

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