Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Perfectly Paired

There are oodles of things to report, but I have to go next door and row several thousand meters.  I'm at 60,000 total but we're at the point where I can't skip any more days.  Last night I did NOT feel like doing anything but told myself to get 500 meters, just so I could say I did something.  I ended up with 6,000 meters.  It was a bunch of 500s, interspersed with a project for work, but I'll take it.

Until next time, here's a quickie picture of my new favorite painting, called Perfectly Paired:

I was mixing several shades of pink and orange paint - I think it was the background for a wee small commission - and had WAY too much.  I didn't want to waste it, so I quickly spray painted this cradled panel pink, then poured on all the leftovers.  Things went bad at this point and I ended up wasting the paint anyway because I scraped it off.  Happy accident - I loved the patterns that were left behind.  I added the pears and voila - new fave.  It looks particularly marvelous out in the snow!

Okay, enough procrastinating, the library gym is calling my name.  3-2-1-GO.

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