Monday, January 22, 2018

Find Your Center

Hey look at that - two days in a row.  Five posts TOTAL for all of last year, and two so far this week.  I'm on a roll.  Mostly I'm here to point out that I did a little switcheroo with the info stuff over on the right side of this page.  I added a link to my Instagram and to my new website.  Woo hoo!  Did you know you can get a domain extension of .art?  I did, so I did.

I'm so fancy.  My website is going to be a place where I can create portfolios of different types of artwork.  It's for people who want to see purty pictures without having to weed through all the junk I write.  It does have a blog roll but I'm saving all the juicy stuff for here.  And all the non-juicy stuff, like this oddball:

Sorry for the crappy photo.  The painting is called Find Your Center.  Sometimes when I can't figure out what to paint I just pick a color and start.  I have no plan, I just start.  This canvas is 12" x 24" and it is loaded with texture.  I painted it over the course of about two weeks - adding color, waiting for it to dry, adding more color, making marks, covering up color, waiting for it to dry, making more marks.  Then one day it told me to stop.  I'm probably the only person who will like it but that's okay since I painted it for me.  Satisfied customer.

Anyway, I digress.  If you zippy-do over to my website you will see a portfolio called Through the Trees, and if we are friends on Facebook or you follow me on Instagram you will recognize this one:

Love love love.  More on this process to come, and wait until you see the piece I finished over the weekend.  I'm beside myself, it is so cool.  I will tell you all about it as soon as I attempt some Photoshop magic - the camera in my phone is pretty good but it doesn't register metallic hot pink.  And you REALLY need to see this metallic hot pink....

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