Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Spring Greens

This is my favorite template tree painting so far:

I got a new tube of paint - green light permanent - and I'm making good use of it.

That flower looks a bit upside down.  Thank goodness there's no hardware on the back yet.  The tree piece is called "Spring Greens."  There's another one wet on the table that, if it works out, will be called "Autumn Tapestry."  Right now it's a little freaky but you can probably figure out what color(s) it is without even seeing it.

I hadn't painted any new words in an age, so there's this:

Just putting more positive vibes out in the world.  I've got a big word painting I want to do but it will require an 8" x 24" canvas (which I've got) and some concentration (which I haven't got).  I hope to start that one this week.  It may end up being a disaster, but there's only one way to find out.

Roxie and I went for our first official training run today for the Mad River Half Marathon on July 12th that I still haven't registered for yet.  We encountered a bit of traffic and we had many snowbanks to water, so there was a lot of walking.  We covered three miles of road.  If I can work up to a six mile long run by the end of April I will feel mostly like I'm on track.  Plus I need to register for the race; I've been procrastinating since mid-January.  Crap, I'm going to do it right now.


Okay, that's done.  In like Flynn.  Committed.  No backing out now.  Too bad Roxie is in better shape than I am.

My last painting for the last post of the month is a bit of a repeat, but I really like it so I don't care. It's "Hearts and Flowers 2.0" and although I had to work harder for this one than I did version 1.0, it still makes me happy.

That's some wabi sabi love right there.

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