Sunday, January 18, 2015

Bathroom Selfies

The other day poodle and I were over next door.  I was putting all the balls away, and she was playing with one of her babies.  We were live streaming the Turntable Review, which EVERYBODY should do whenever Joe and Terry are on air.  You can find the link right here.

Yeah that's an action shot.

She traded in the baby for santa.

Next thing I know, and I kid you not, Joe and Terry are covering Peaceful Easy Feeling, and JUST EXACTLY when they are singing, "... already standing on the ground" I looked over and saw this:

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  Roxie did that.  Am I the only one who thinks it's funny?  I made her pose next to standing santa.

Good golly that cracks me up.

Anyway.  Moving on.  We went for a walk today wearing our new boots - mom got a good laugh out of it - and when we got home we did this:

And by "we" I mean not me.  What a dork.

And by "what a dork" I mean not me.

Anyway.  Moving on.  Mom wanted to see the creative genius involved in making an ornament wreath.  That's not exactly the way she worded it, but hey -- it's my blog.  I had to explain that a good part of the time involved is really me just staring at the thing, then walking away.  Gluing down one ball, then checking facebook.  It's truly an artform.  Here's the end result - the first wreath from the post-holiday on-sale-ornament-purchasing frenzy:

This is significantly smaller than the ones I made for Ann and Kathy; those were constructed on 16" forms, and this one is a 10" form.  I was testing to see if this smaller size would work.  And when I was taking my usual artsy photos --

-- I accidentally took a selfie:

Then I took a better one:

I look bald.  Bald in a ball.  A bald ball.

Have you ever wondered why so many people take selfies in the bathroom?  I wonder about that all the time.  And then I did it myself.  Damn, I'm so unoriginal....

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