Friday, January 10, 2014

WiFi, No Go

I wrote a long and tedious blog post on Wednesday night and have been unsuccessfully trying to upload it ever since.  First mom and I went out to lunch to a pizza place (I know, I had spaghetti) that had a WiFi sign in the window.  Turns out it's faux WiFi - you need to have a Comcast account in order to use it.  Then we went to the Morristown Library, which is where I am right now, and I got a library card and discovered you can access their WiFi from the parking lot.  So earlier today we sat outside and I tried to update my blog.  It was taking F.O.R.E.V.E.R.  So I bagged it and decided to put all my pictures on Nemo, my thumb drive, and use a library computer to get the job done.  But now that I am sitting here, I realize there is no place to plug in the thumb drive.  Tomorrow I will come back and bring my laptop inside, so if it takes forever again at least I will be warm and comfortable.

In the meantime, a tiny bit of trivia.  The Morristown Centennial Library, built in 1913, is one of four Carnegie Libraries in Vermont.  Look it up.

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