Sunday, December 1, 2013

One Tree, Two Tree....

ACK!  POODLE!  WHERE ARE YOUR LEGS???  That does NOT look comfortable.

Anyway, here we are at work, and not a single person has come in.  It is one hell of a dreary day outside.  So I'm varnishing the trees I painted after work yesterday.  I've got a sneak peek but first, did I show you the painting I finished the other day/last week/sometime in the recent past?

It's a poodle painting, because she is my little spoon.  Derek thinks the words are too subtle, but it's a night time painting, so dark and subtle are okay.  (Hark!  People just came in!  Back in a few....)

Okay, that was quick.  Here is what the work table looked like this morning:

That's seven new trees, plus the one I painted last week.  Tammy wants five so I figured I would give her a couple extra from which to choose.  Here are some quick pictures of how they look now, wearing their first coat of varnish:

I never know how these are going to come out, and each one is always very different.  My favorite is either the first one or the one with the crooked top.

I checked the extended forecast today and I'm glad I did - we've got some crazy cold nonsense coming our way.  By Tuesday or Wednesday the nighttime temps are going to be in the single digits, with a windchill in the negative numbers.  Time to turn on the heat in the upstairs bathroom, and maybe suck it up and turn up my living room heat.  I was hoping all the boxes I've got packed and stacked around my bedroom and living room would help cut down the chill factor but, alas, not so much.  At least I know the power outage the other day was due to some dumbass in a pickup truck hitting a transformer rather than a potentially worrisome repeatable issue.  Although out here, a dumbass in a pickup truck hitting a transformer IS a potentially worrisome repeatable issue.  I've got just under a month left in my very cold little home, so here's wishing for a December full of balmy days and low electric bills.  (Ha ha ha, yes, I know, but a girl's gotta dream.)

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