Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cool and Crisp

Cool and crisp.  That's what the days are like here in western Montana right now.  All sorts of crazy nonsense has been happening in the past weeks, and I will get you all caught up soon, but first here are some pictures of Monday afternoon.

We walked down to the river for the first time in ages.  Can you see Roxie in that first picture?  She's a black speck over on the left.  We missed peak Montana foliage, but it is still beautiful.

Here is the painting I finished just before my trip to Vermont - it represents autumn and the change of seasons:

For sure, this is one of those pieces you need to see in real life to appreciate.  (Hmmm.  As I was typing the last sentence, I typed "shit" instead of "this."  Hidden meaning there?)

And here is the best photo I will take of Montana foliage ever:

Poodle and the very rare Wild Rocky Mountain Flamingos.  We've got a nesting pair in the yard.  Awesome.

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