Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I wanted to start my blog with a bang.  So there you go.  BANG!  My only real purpose here is to keep a record of my artistic endeavors.  People ask if I am an artist and my default answer is "no."  But that isn't true.  I AM an artist, and although at times I think I am the only one who loves what I paint, I still paint.  It excites me, especially since I'm never sure how each piece is going to turn out.  And since I have had my pieces hanging in a gallery for about two years, and they have sold to an international audience, I guess I have to stop using my default answer.  (Full disclosure, I OWN the gallery, but still....)

I ordered a crap load of art supplies yesterday and I cannot wait until they get here.  WOO HOO!

Third thought for the day:  I am thoroughly anticipating the day I have a dedicated space for painting that does not double as my kitchen counter.  Big things are coming.  Soon.

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