Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Snowball Lantern

It was 40 degrees here today, and all the snow slid off my roof.  All of it.  I'm surrounded by heaps of snow.  In fact, if I turn on my living room light and go outside to look, I bet my house looks just like this:

HA.  That's a Swedish snowball lantern.  You can read all about them on this nice blog.

But enough about that.  I'm sure the warm temps were just a teaser today, and it will probably hit 20 below again by tomorrow.  Spring is, after all, several weeks away.  Let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Here's a better picture of my last flower:

Lovely.  And here is the second dragonfly:

Interference paint does not photograph well.  Looking at the canvas straight on it just looks purple, but from an angle it gets all sparkly and shiny and spangly.  Oooooh.

Next up is another template tree piece.  It's the first March painting so it counts towards my goal of 10 new paintings this month.  Considering today is only the 4th and I've got the background on another one finished and a third piece drying on the table behind me, I will most assuredly meet this goal. My other two goals, to round out this year's March Madness trifecta -- I will let you know how those worked out for me once the month is over.

Back to the trees.  Here is what I love about paint:

Yummy yummy goodness.

I almost left it just like this because it was really cool, but I had mentally committed to the trees so on they went.

I'm going to call this "At the Edge of the Wood."

Sorry, I couldn't tilt the panel for that last photo because the white enamel was wet, so the glare is pretty bad.  Here's the end result:

Tomorrow I will post pictures of the wonky-doodle painting that's wet on my table.  I would do it now but it really needs to be shiny so I have to varnish it before taking any pictures.  Fair warning - it went a little abstract so it's in the questionable pile.  I'm reserving judgment but I think I like it.  And rather than sit here watching paint dry, I'm going to bed early (or whatever - it's 11:30) to read. Because GUESS WHAT?!?  I got a copy of "Assault and Pepper" in the mail yesterday!  WOO HOO!  Thank you, Leslie!  Gottagobye, there's a book calling my name....

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