Monday, March 9, 2015


Three down, seven to go, two of which are almost done.  Rock and roll.

Can you tell that these flower paintings make me happy?

One of the pieces I have almost finished - it will be done tonight - is a wreath, and I gotta say, they don't call it hot glue for nothing.  I'm pretty sure I've mentioned that before, but the other day I burned the crap out of my hand, and removed a nice chunk of skin when I was peeling the glue off my fingers.  I didn't quite cry like a baby but dang, it hurt like hell.  That was on Friday.  On Saturday I went to the hardware store and Dean the paint guy told me my neighbor's son-in-law had an accident at work about 10 days ago that resulted in first, second and third degree burns on both legs and at least one of his hands.  Yikes.  My finger suddenly didn't hurt as much.

In other news, I went to bed looking forward to a week's worth of 40+ degree days and woke up to four inches of new snow.  Meh.  Luckily the sun did come out today and it was 39 degrees when I got home from work.  Somebody had a good time in the snow:

Turns out the reflections are out there all year long.

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