Sunday, October 6, 2013

Painted on the Sky

We had some motivational issues at work yesterday so we closed at 2pm.  It was a beautiful autumn afternoon, and it was much better to be out in the world rather than inside with our noses pressed against the window, wishing we were outside.

Speaking of none of that, here is one thing about photography that I find fascinating:

I love how changing the focus just a tiny bit creates a totally different picture.  Yeah, I'm weird that way.

This beastie has been parked out front for about a week:

Isn't it awesome?

Roxie and I used this bad boy as a background for a mini photo shoot yesterday.  I felt like I was taking her senior pictures.

Bones came over for a little bit, too.  He is such a sweet boy.  Poodle is going to miss him when we move, so we need to arrange some play dates at the halfway point.  Like Nebraska.  Where is Nebraska, anyway?  I need a map.

I have some paintings to show you.  Did I ever post a picture of the griffin?  It has been in the questionable pile so I forgot about it.  Found it again yesterday and decided it was worthy of another coat of varnish.  But I forgot to take a picture.  And I don't have a picture of the hot mess, either.  Yes, a hot mess.  It's a rooster that, ... well, he defies explanation.  I will show you that one later, too.  You get the good with the bad here, people.  Here is some good:

 This is one I started the other night when I was painting something for my dad.  I'm going to call it "Last Light of October."  Or something like that.  And here is the one I named "Painted on the Sky."  If you can name the tune from whence that lyric comes in 10 seconds or less, you get bonus points.

It's a small piece, 7" wide by 5" high, but I like it.  And so do you.  Last but not least is another one I painted for my dad.  I don't know what to call it yet, but I love that the heart is the color of Spam.  I want to have this printed as postcards or notecards.

And that's all she wrote.  For today.

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