Saturday, April 20, 2013

April showers

You know all those April showers that are going to bring us all those May flowers?  Some of them have been snow showers.  The morning after I posted the photos in my last post I awoke to find four inches of snow blanketing everything.  I broke down and turned my living room heat back on.  This has been one crazy spring.  Poodle and I have been able to up our weekly mileage, though.  Sunday we ran four miles (dodging the slush piles in the road) and Monday we got a little reckless and cranked out eight.  I may have had another one left in me, but I decided eight was pretty darn good.  Afterwards, I rolled out my IT band on one of those heavy duty six inch diameter mailing tubes (yeah, I don't have a foam roller) and that was a HUGE help.  Tuesday I had zero aches and pains.  Zero.  We were all set to run again later in the week but Wednesday it was so nice we sat outside after work talking to the neighbors instead.  Roxie played ball and somehow split open the pad on the bottom of her foot.  Again.  For the third or fourth time.  That little pad - not the ones smack on the bottom of her foot.  So Thursday she was benched and by Friday it was raining again.  I checked and it said we will be at 74 degrees by next Friday, but I'll believe it when I see it.

Here are the kids last week, working hard:

She's a comfy poodle when she tucks her head under your chin like that.

Remember the painting you could see in the background of those pictures of my fingers?  Here's how it ended up:

It's a hot mess!  And it's my favorite Spanish word!  Awesome!  Chevere has been on my To-Do list for ages, but I couldn't decide what color it wanted to be.  When I ended up with this mess of a canvas I thought it would be perfect.  Wonky and crazy and weird.  Love.

The show opening next week at the Museum will be similar to the Cherry show from last year, but it is called The Fruitful Flathead Valley and includes all fruits cultivated in the Valley, not just cherries.  I'm submitting an older piece and a brand new one.  Mac Out Back is the first, and I haven't named the new one yet.

Happy birthday today to my niece, Abby.  I hope to Skype with her after work if she isn't too busy stuffing her face with cake and ice cream!

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