Monday, May 9, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Derek has been doing some spring cleaning on our Frame of Reference blog.  Check it out:

We also did a bunch of spring cleaning in the gallery, and hopefully will have pics up on the gallery blog soon.  I re-hung everything (Derek desperately wants to say on our blog that the gallery is "well hung") and since it was a lot of climbing on a chair, I am sore in strange places.  Hmm.  I want to go for a run today, but my strange aches and pains may get in the way.  At least my feet are feeling better, thanks to Five Fingers.

So you know how I have been all about the Crown of the Continent Guitar Foundation lately?  In an hour we are meeting with Steve and Nancy Cawdrey (Nancy is one of the artists we carry) to hammer out the details of a miniature art show and sale we are organizing for the COC event.  This will be a juried event, with very specific rules about image size and content.  Tentatively we are thinking a music theme, or possibly a guitar theme.  Should be fun.  Potentially a lot of work, but fun.

And speaking of miniature art shows, the Hockaday show is this Friday.  This is the show to which I submitted "Signs of Spring."  Loads of artists send work, and a jury picks 60 of the pieces to be part of a live auction at the Hilton -- a swanky event that includes a fancy dinner.  The rest of the pieces hang at the Hockaday Museum, which is exactly where I anticipated my piece hanging.  WELL.  Wasn't I surprised when I checked the Hockaday facebook page to see the 60 live auction pieces.  Mine is lot #49.  Right after Nancy's piece.  Heh heh.  It might not sell, but I am thrilled it is in the live auction.  Thrilled in a "that's kinda funny" way.

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