Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Five Days Later

Sunday and Monday (my weekend) were particularly nice days, and Poodle-face and I spent a lot of time outside.  Billy, my landlord, took down the fence that borders my yard, and now Poodle is beside herself because suddenly her yard encompasses the field next door.  It is great for running around, except it is a minefield of deer poop, turkey poop, probably some leftover bear poop, and now goose poop.  Goose poop is gross.  Speaking of which, sort of, on Sunday I saw a woman standing on the side of Highway 35, talking on her cell phone, and holding a leash that stretched out into Daphne Pond.  As I drove by I looked to see what kind of dog she had, thinking how rude it was of her to disturb the pair of Canadian Geese that nest in that spot every year.  But it wasn't a dog.  It was the biggest brown goose I have ever seen.  On a leash.  Huh.

Today is also a beautiful sunny day, and the second day this year I have not worn a coat to work.  Livin' on the edge.  Temps are supposed to be in the 70s by later this week so we may be totally flooded by the weekend.  Fun times ahead.

Here are the three things I painted on Cinco de Mayo, five days later.

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