Sunday, November 13, 2016


I have redeemed my current self, at least partially, with my future self.  It was a gorgeous day today so I raked leaves until blisters were imminent.  I am appreciative of the 50+ degree day for selfish reasons, but it makes me worried for snow-making efforts at Killington.  It has been 38 years since a World Cup ski racing event has been held in Vermont, and Killington will be hosting women's slalom and GS events the weekend after Thanksgiving.  Which is mere days away.  Sort of.  Temperatures need to drop!

So anyway, I raked.  And emptied out most of my flower pots.  And THEN I painted.  (I haven't looked in a mirror yet, but I know what is all over my face again.  And the sleeves of my sweatshirt, and my fitbit.)  Spread out on any flat surface I could find next door is a new abstract landscape, a Heart Full of Hope, one of the pieces from yesterday that has progress but still might not work out, and the one I varnished late last night.  It doesn't have a name yet, but on January 2nd I posted this picture on my Paint on Purpose facebook page, wondering whether I should add the leaves or not (to leaf, or not to leaf):

I couldn't decide, so the painting has been sitting on the counter, unfinished, since then.  Yesterday I decided no, since those are genuine maple leaves from my lawn, and those are most definitely NOT genuine maple trees.  Here's the final outcome:

I cropped the pictures so you can't really see, but the painting totally matches the mess of leftovers that has dried on my table.  HA!  I'm clever that way.

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