Monday, January 30, 2017

An Experimental Phase

I wish I didn't have art ADD.  I'm having all kinds of half baked ideas and I've got all kinds of half finished projects, which means I've got nothing to show for the last couple of weeks.  Except a bunch of new paint in yummy colors, a secondary studio set up in my other bathroom, a new digital kitchen scale, and not a damn single level surface in this house.  Which is truly a shame.  All of this shall remain one of life's great mysteries until I have a finished piece and much to my dismay, these projects require loads of drying time.  As an instant gratification person, I like to see my finished pieces NOW OR SOONER so waiting is hard.  In the meantime, I whipped up Moon Flower - Midnight.

There's a bright red one coming next.  I am mildly obsessed.

One of my experimental projects is at the I-could-wreck-it-at-any-moment phase so I'm afraid to take the next step.  I keep standing in front of my table looking at it, and that's all I can do.  Note to self: do not get attached to a piece in the early stages.

In other news, Roxie has developed a lump on her tail.  I think it's new - every day when I get home from work she meets me in the kitchen with her tail going a thousand miles a minute.  I hold on to it so she doesn't whack Rabbit in the face, and I just felt this bump on Thursday.  We are putting out positive vibes to the universe that it's nothing special but there's a doctor visit in her near future just in case.  I think Rabbit also has a weird bump on her leg.  Or maybe it's a strangely shaped muscle. She goes back in for her lyme shot booster in a week so I will ask about it then.  I have bumpy dogs. Right now Roxie is sitting on the couch next to me whining.  She's looking at me like I should know what she's saying.  My guess:  please give me that extra treat I know you have in your pocket.


Nope, that wasn't it.

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