Saturday, December 19, 2015


Here's the story so far:

This is post- first vet visit and pre- toenail-ectomy.  The nail split right up the middle, then the outside half started to come off even more.  I know it was bothering her because she wasn't sleeping well.

Sad face poodle dog.

I do not know how that can be comfortable.

I turn my back for ONE minute.

Hopefully she won't try and pull this one off too.  It needs to stay wrapped up for at least a few more days and since we finally have a little snow on the ground I put a ziploc bag over the bandage, held on with a rubber band, when she goes outside.  Needless to say, she does not like that.  Probably because it's a fashion faux pas.  There is gauze under that bandage and although I had to re-wrap some of it, and she had chewed through some of it, I left it on so I wouldn't have to see the potential bloody mess that is her toe.  Momma doesn't like blood....

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