Sunday, August 23, 2015

Where's Waldo?

I still haven't messed around with my photos from last weekend's field trip, but here is a quickie from today's adventure.  My neighbor Ron stopped by to see if Roxie and I wanted to take a quick drive down to Joe's Pond.  The one here in Morrisville, not the big one in Danville, although they are both named for the same Joe.  Ron and Judy conserved this property in 2005 with the Stowe Land Trust. We drove around the edge of a hay field, traipsed through the woods and ended up at the pond.

That's my "Where's Waldo" picture.  Can you see her?  For someone who is not normally a water lover, she sure loves muck.

Back through the woods and an enthusiastic roll around in the grass.  Life is good.

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