Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Perseids (or, as I like to call them, Comet Poop)

Well, the day started out pretty okay.  Stuff happened, then more stuff happened.  It was as normal a day as can be when you are two days into confirmation your boss is selling his business and things may become wonky for a while.

Then I had a sad moment.

It wasn't until 9pm that I realized today is National Middle Child Day.  Dang it.  All those hours I could have been celebrating.  There was probably a parade, and I missed it.

Then things went to shit.

If I've told them once, I've told them a thousand times.  GIGANTIC SPIDERS ARE NOT ALLOWED INSIDE MY HOUSE!  If I see them outside -- I try to live and let live.  But inside?  No way, no how.  We had an epic battle to the death and adrenaline is still coursing through my entire body.  I already had one adrenaline-filled moment this evening when I watched a little video clip my cousin posted on facebook.  Ding dang it, I wish I were a scotch drinker.  And that I had some good scotch.  All I have here is ancient amaretto, and that's not going to get the job done.

Okay.  Deep breath.  Moving on.

Remember that wee green canvas panel?  It ended up like this:

Last night I put on my painting apron again -

- and finished a panel I started ages ago.  It was at the "oh that background is really cool and anything I do from here on out could totally wreck it" stage.  Here's a piece of it:

I added a little of this:

And here's the final product:

I think I will name it "Front and Center."  I also started another painting last night that I finished today.  It is a combo platter of acrylic paint and oil pastels so I need to spray varnish it before I varnish it for real.  Plus I guess I should wait for the paint to dry....

Last Friday I spent the big bucks ($3.00 minus a 55% off coupon) and bought a new glue gun.  Used it tonight but don't have anything to show for it yet.  These things take time.  I got distracted by epic battles.  My weapon of choice was a can of Raid, and my opponent tried to take refuge behind an apron I have hanging in my laundry "room."  Normally I probably would have just burned the apron, but it belonged to my friend Viki who passed away about a month after my dad died.  So now I'm going outside to watch meteors while I wait for the washing machine to finish.  This is the first time I've ever turned the water temperature dial to hot.

Living on the edge, that's me.

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