Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Pomp and Circumstance

So there were some graduations last week.  Abby graduated from Middle School.

My picture-taking ability failed me so I don't have many good pictures of either graduation.  Abby's, which was Thursday evening in her school's gym, was uncomfortably warm.  I'm not gonna lie, there was some sweat.  The high school graduation on Friday was early afternoon in Patrick Gym at UVM, and it too was warmer than warm.  Again -- sweat.  All my pictures of Delaney while she was waiting in line for her diploma are crapola, but here she is after the ceremony.

Johan got a fake diploma.  His year here doesn't count as his senior year of high school - lucky guy, he gets to do it all over again when he gets home.

Johan's whole family came from Sweden to pick him up; they spent four days in New York City, took the train to Vermont, stayed for a week, and left today on the train for Washington, D.C.  We can't talk about it because I will get all weepy again.  Ann posted a video on facebook today of their train leaving the station and I cried.  Abby politely pointed out that I cry at everything and I might have gotten offended by that remark if it weren't totally true.  I will just say this:  it was a joy to have Johan around this past year and when we met his family it felt like we had known them forever.  We are all going to miss him, the Thomas family most of all (particularly when they need to reach something on a high shelf).

Okay, new subject.  And a Kleenex.

I gave myself a list of four things I want to get done tonight and I'm down to the last one, which is packing up the painting I'm sending to Derek for the Bigfork show.  I am determined to go to bed tonight feeling the satisfaction of knowing I crossed everything off my list.  This is not a feeling I get to experience often.  Ergo, gotta go.  Heh - that was funny.  This is the painting I'm sending:

It's a 9" x 12" canvas panel and, because I am boring and predictable, I named it "White Water."  It's a hot mess, but in a good way.  I hope.

The end.

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